About Us

SWIMN is initiated by ePropulsion, an industry-leading manufacturer focused on electric outboards, electric surfboard, underwater drones, and the tech that improves your water experiences.

About Us

The nature of ePropulsion is innovation. ePropulsion is striving to meet customers’ growing needs for water entertainment. With 8 years’ experience of building the marine drive system, we’re capable of trying more ideas to bring technology to more water sports. That’s how we created SWIMN S1, the amazing pool scooter for kids.

We believe swimming should be all about fun and swimming fun should be for everyone. And at SWIMN, everything we do is geared to help children enjoy swimming, build their water confidence, and have more fun. It’s our greatest wish that children could spend more time outdoors with family and we hope the small step we take can bring big joy to your family and life!

About Us

Dedicated to the the R&D of water related products, ePropulsion has continued the strong engineering culture from HKUST where its founders were graduated. Born in such great engineering environment, SWIMN S1 uses technologies with proprietary intellectual properties that distinguish our products with the competitor’s.

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us by submitting the form or email us directly at info@swimn.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can.